Confidentiality Policy


ANIC Halal Authority is committed to promote professionalism, excellence in the process of certifying, monitoring by making sure CONFIDENTIALITY as “Amanat” in accordance with the Divine dictates of the Shari’ah (Islamic Law).

ANIC Halal Authority defines confidentiality is “Data or communications including conversations, reports, forms, correspondence, and computer generated communications with, about or involving in any way any client of ANIC Halal Authority are entitled to confidentiality”.

ANIC Halal Authority hereby confirms implementation and adherence to the following policy points:

At ANIC Halal Authority Employees, outsourced auditors, and board of Directors are bound by Islamic ethical codes to protect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information learned about clients.

At ANIC Halal Authority client records maintained by are kept in a locked cupboard at all times except when being reviewed or updated. Client records should always be maintained in the office only.

ANIC Halal Authority shall maintain up to date operating procedures and ensure that these procedures support confidentiality.

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