Halal Slaughterhouse

ANIC Guidelines for Halal Slaughter

Every slaughterhouse should comply with the following requirements:

  1. ANIC Halal Authority must approve all slaughtermen.
  2. Every slaughterman employed in the slaughterhouse must be a Muslim of good character and possesses a valid Slaughterman ID issued by Aus-Meat.
  3. Must obtain AA – Approved Arrangement – for Halal production signed by the Establishment, DAFF and Halal Certifying Body namely ANIC.
  4. Pig meat will not be slaughtered, processed or stored at the abattoir.
  5. The slaughterhouse area must be clean and must comply with the cleanliness criteria set by the competent local authority and approved by ANIC.
  6. Equipment, storage and transportation should be sanitary and clean form najis and not mixed with other non-halal materials.
  7. The use of stunning is not recommended, however if stunning is required, it should comply with the required conditions.
  8. Electrical stunning of poultry/duck is allowed using only a ‘water bath stunner’ and electrical stunner for cattle/buffalo/goat or the like is also allowed. Any stunner may be used as long as the Fatwa committee of ANIC approves it.
  9. Stunning should meet the conditions acceptable for slaughter and used only on halal animals.
  10. A trained Muslim should supervise the voltage rate for the electrical current.
  11. Stunning of stock may be carried out prior to slaughter. The purpose of stunning is to render animal temporarily unconscious and must not cause the death.
  12. The animal must be able to regain consciousness if need be, before the halal cut is made.
  13. Processing of carcasses may not commence until the animal is completely dead. This is approximately 2-4 minutes after the slaughter, or until the animal is completely dead.
  14. All carcasses must be clearly identified with an official Halal Stamp.


Halal Slaughtering Procedure

According to Sharia and ANIC requirements, the legal purification of the flesh of animals requires that the following conditions be met:

    1. The slaughterman must be a Muslim of sound mind and character, practicing Islam and registered with Aus-Meat and approved by ANIC Halal Authority.
    2. Animal must be laid on its left side facing towards Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
    3. The animal should be slaughtered by a sharp object, like a sharp stainless steel knife, that is capable of making it bleed by severing blood vessels.
    4. The name of Allah should be mentioned on the animal in the following way while slaughtering the animal:


(بسم الله ، الله أكبر)  “Bismillah, Allahu Akbar”

Meaning: “In the name of Allah, Allah is Great”


  1. The throat must be severed with a single cut. The knife must not be lifted and the cut must be below the Adam’s apple (Adam’s apple to be in head portion). The head is to remain on the animal’s body.
  2. The animal must be slaughtered in such a way that the respiratory tract, the oesophagus, the carotid arteries and the jugular veins are quickly cut to hasten the bleeding and the death of the animal. The bleeding should be spontaneous and complete.
  3. A trained Muslim checker or Muslim inspector is appointed by ANIC to check that the animals are slaughtered properly according to Sharia law.

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