Logo and Obligations

ANIC Halal Logo /Mark and condition of Use

ANIC has developed a halal logo to help manufacturers promote their products as being authentic halal products. This logo may be used by any approved halal manufacturer, which agrees to the following terms.

The logo may appear only on:

  1. Approved halal product labels.
  2. Jars, cartons, or any other packaging material for the halal product.
  3. The logo may not be changed in any way, shape or form.
  4. The logo may not be sold, exchanged, substituted or replaced.
  5. The accreditation Mark shall only be used under which the right to use was obtained. Where the accreditation symbol only relates in part, the user of the symbol shall clearly identify in the same document the part to which the symbol applies.

All legitimate owners of halal certificates of approval can use the ANIC logo/Mark on the related product or premises.

Fees and Charges

Despite being a non-profit organisation, ANIC has certain fees and charges, which must be met due to the costs incurred in running the organisation and the halal services.

Fees are charged according to each individual client’s needs and will vary depending on the:

  • Product category
  • Risk factors involved from a halal and quality point of view
  • Complexity of the work involved
  • Nature of the company requiring certification
  • Level of assistance required in developing and implementing Halal Quality Program
  • Frequency of inspection visits


The Obligation of ANIC Halal Authority

ANIC recognises its obligations to the applicant and agree:

  1. To treat all information given as strictly confidential.
  2. To extend religious recognition to the authenticity of the applicant’s halal operation covering the production facilities as well as the finished products.
  3. To uphold and promote the reputation of the applicant’s halal operation among Muslims within and beyond Australia.
  4. To provide the applicant with all necessary advice for the production of halal goods

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