ANIC Halal Authority provides Halal Certificates for categories C, D, and E.

(Meat/processed Meat, processed Food 1, Processed Food- 2 and processing- 3 with long shelf life.)

ANIC follows the Halal International Standard outlined below:

ANIC’s Halal Standard

ANIC Halal Authority strictly follows the requirements included in the identification and separation procedures of the livestock for Halal slaughter and dressing as required by:

  1. Saudi Arabian animal slaughtering requirements
  2. GSO 1931  2008 Halal Food Part 1 GSO 2055 2008 Food part 2,
  3. United Arab Emirates (GSM) Gulf Standard slaughtering requirements
  4. Indonesia’s (MUI / BPJPH) 7 principles and HAS (Halal Assurance System).
  5. Malaysian (JAKIM) Standard for Halal meat, food, cosmetics.
  6. Singapore (MUIS) Halal Standards including flavour.

ANIC is recognised as Halal  Certifying Body in Australia by:

  1. Saudi Arabia (Click to view)
  2. Singapore MUIS (Click to view)
  3. Malaysia JAKIM (Click to view)

(ANIC Halal Authority recognition by: MUI/BPJPH and GAC/ ESMA is under process.)

ANIC has signed MRU/MOU with the following Halal International Organisations:

  1. South Korea
  2. Thailand (Click to view)


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