Muslim Slaughtermen

Muslim HALAL Slaughtermen

  1. All slaughtermen must be practising Muslims, reputable persons of good character, allowed to work in Australia, known to at least two prominent Australian Muslims who are prepared to write a reference about them.
  2. All halal slaughtermen must be appointed by ANIC and obtain an Identity Card (I.D. card) issued by Aus-Meat.
  3. Carry I.D. card at all times while doing halal slaughter.
  4. The slaughtermen I.D. card qualifies the person concerned to be considered for employment by an abattoir or a meat work nominated by ANIC. In the event of an ANIC approved person seeking work in a different state, the approval of ANIC would be essential. Transfer of services to another abattoir within the same state must also be with the prior approval of ANIC.
  5. ANIC does not provide employment to any slaughterman. ANIC’s I.D card is also not a guarantee or a licence or a ticket for employment in an abattoir or halal meat establishments.
  6. The halal slaughterman will perform all religious duties, including slaughter, under the direct supervision of the state Halal supervisor/s.
  7. The supervisor will contact the ANIC Office in the event of any dissatisfaction.
  8. The halal slaughterman will follow the rules of the meat works and instructions of the meat works’ supervisor/manager as long as these do not interfere with the methods and rules of halal slaughter and other ANIC requirements and procedures.


Disciplinary Action

The Halal Slaughterman registration will be cancelled and barred from all ANIC’s operations in the following cases:

  • He ceases to be a Muslim.
  • He fails to adhere to clear guidelines of ANIC for the methods of halal slaughtering and meat handling.
  • He commits a serious crime or breaks the important injunctions of Islam, e.g. stealing, drinking alcohol, adultery etc.
  • He consistently fails to provide ANIC with the record of daily halal slaughter or production (cartons, packages).
  • He fails to attend training or a meeting called by ANIC without a valid reason.
  • He is found guilty of saying or doing things that cause harm to ANIC’s reputation.


Halal Sticking Cattle

    1. The animal must be slaughtered by ANIC’s Registered Muslim halal slaughtermen.
    2. The act of slaughtering must be done with the Niyyah (intention) and the slaughterman must be well aware of this. The purpose of slaughtering is only for Allah and not for other purposes.
    3. The animal to be slaughtered must be unconscious/alive at the time of slaughter.
    4. Animals to be slaughtered must be healthy and have been approved by the competent authority.
    5. While slaughtering the animal, the Muslim slaughterman must recite the Islamic Prayer: “Bismillah Allahu Akbar” (in the name of Allah, Allah is Great).
    6. The knife used for slaughtering must be sharp so that when the halal cut is done the animal suffers the least agony and slaughter takes place quickly and easily.


Before the Halal Cut For Beef

    1. In the figure below, to hasten the bleeding and death of the animal, the bleeding must be spontaneous and complete.


After the Halal Cut For Beef


  1. The neck should neither be cut completely nor broken, thus avoiding the severance of the spinal cord (the spinal cord must be intact).
  2. The Muslim halal checker makes sure that the first intervention (no process like head off or skinning) takes place only after the animal is completely dead as a result of halal slaughter.
  3. If the Muslim halal checker or Muslim halal inspector deems it necessary to downgrade any carcase to non-halal, the carcase must be identified and tagged with a non-halal tag and the ANIC halal program must be followed in segregation, storage and transportation of such non-halal carcases.
  4. All halal slaughter performed at the establishment is halal unless otherwise informed.
  5. A halal checker is present at the place of first intervention to ensure the halal cut is complete and also to ensure that the animal is completely dead as a result of the halal cut (usually between 2-4 minutes).
  6. Animals that are classified as non-halal by the Muslim slaughterman or the Muslim checker will be identified with a non-halal ticket at the point of sticking.
  7. Non-halal stickers are stored in the sticking pen so that non-halal carcases can be clearly identified for carcase and offal segregation purposes. Non-halal carcases will have the ticket firmly placed on the ear in case of cattle (beef) and on the back leg in case of small stock.

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