Boning Rooms

Requirement for Boning Room

Further Processing

  1. Halal meat will be boned at a time separate from the non-Halal meat. Non-halal products must not be present in the room during this time.
  2. This is followed by a complete clean-up of the room, complete wash down of all meat packing and slicing tables, knives and change of all cutting boards.
  3. In the boning room, Halal carcases shall be boned out separately from non-halal carcasses. Prior to the commencement of halal boning operations, all non-halal meat will be packed and cleared from the boning room.
  4. The halal cartooned product is stamped halal, conveyed to the blast chiller for chilling or transported product will be palletised and stacked separately from non-halal cartooned product in the blast chiller and during transit to freezer stores.
  5. The halal product shall be transported on separate racks or pallets from non-halal products. Halal products shall be identified by a clear impression of a halal brand.
  6. In case of any carcasses degraded and deemed non-halal then non-halal carcasses shall be maintained in a separate chiller or on separate rails with at least one clear rail between halal slaughtered and non-halal slaughtered carcasses.
  7. Offal from non-halal carcasses shall be packed separately from halal products by separation at the viscera table and placed in containers labelled non-halal. The non-halal product shall be periodically removed by the Muslim supervisor.
  8. A Transfer Certificate must accompany every halal load transported from the abattoir to the boning room or cold storage.
  9. All halal products loaded from abattoir for export must be accompanied by a Halal Interim and Export Halal Certificate.

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