Procedure of Application

What is the procedure of getting a Halal Certificate?
  1. Complete the “Application for Halal Accreditation Service”.
  2. Each halal product submission form must be accompanied by related ingredient data sheets. A technical ingredient and specification sheet is required for every ingredient used in the manufacture of the product.
  3. The ANIC food technologist team assesses suitability and confirms the halal status of the products.
  4. A halal audit of the premises is conducted by ANIC nominated Halal Auditor, Halal approval is granted upon compliance with all halal requirements by means of a contract between the applicants and ANIC.
  5. The final stage is the issue of Halal Accreditation Certificate which is valid for one year and subject to renewal thereafter.
The Obligation of ANIC Halal Authority ANIC recognises its obligations to the applicant and agree:
  1. To treat all information given as strictly confidential.
  2. To extend religious recognition to the authenticity of the applicant’s halal operation covering the production facilities as well as the finished products.
  3. To uphold and promote the reputation of the applicant’s halal operation among Muslims within and beyond Australia.
  4. To provide the applicant with all necessary advice for the production of halal goods.
  5. To not withhold unnecessarily its approval of goods, suppliers, changes or supervisor.

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