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What is Halal?

The word ‘halal’ literally means permissible and in translation it is usually used as lawful.


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The Australian National Imams Council established in June 2006, Halal Authority was registered in 2015 and started formally providing Halal services.


Halal FAQs

What does Halal certification mean? For a product to be Halal, it must be as a whole, and in part: free from any substance.


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What is the procedure of getting a Halal Certificate? 1.Complete the “Application for Halal Accreditation Service”.


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Who is ANIC Halal

ANIC Halal Authority is a subsidiary company of the Australian National Imams Council – ANIC. It is managed by a renowned and well-respected team of Islamic Scholar and experts in the Food Science and Technology. They have a vast experience in halal certification in Australia. ANIC Halal Authority is registered and approved Halal Certifying body by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Australia as well as approved by major International Halal Agencies.


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Why certify with us?

ANIC Halal Authority is approved by Major Importing countries and accredited by AQIS. ANIC is one of the leading professionally trained certification bodies in the industry. Halal Accreditation from ANIC will ensure the consumer confidence in the product meeting the Islamic requirements and indicates that the product has been scrutinised by a worldwide recognised Islamic Certifying Organisation. If you are a producer, manufacturer, supplier, exporter or distributor of food or personal consumer goods, you cannot afford to ignore the potential of HALAL ACCREDITATION of your products.

ANIC Halal Specifications

To understand what halal is and what the specifications, please click here to download a variety of PDF documents that outline those specs. From food colouring to slaughtering process. ANIC Halal has provided extensive research into these areas.